3rd Ohio Reptile Research & Conservation Conference
March 8, 2014.  Columbus, Ohio
 8:30 AM
Registration and Setup
 9:00Welcoming Remarks
 9:20    Keynote Address:
Their Blood Runs Cold: Adventures with Reptiles and Amphibians.
Dr. Whit Gibbons, Professor Emeritus of Ecology, University of Georgia's Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL)
 10:15Award Presentation
 10:30Morning Break
 11:00A Night in the Life of an Ohio Rough Greensnake
Joe Letsche
 11:20The Present Status of Ohio's Timber Rattlesnake
Doug Wynn
 11:40Species Distribution Modeling for the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake in Northeastern Ohio
Eric McCluskey and Thomas Hetherington
12:00 PM
Lunch & Poster Viewing
1:30    Common Wall Lizards are Here to Stay: The History of an Introduced Species
Jeffrey G. Davis
1:50Gene Flow in Northeastern Ohio Populations of the Five-lined Skink
Tara Buk and Francisco Moore
2:10Map Turtles (Graptemys spp.) in the Lower Great Miami River
Paul Krusling
2:30Afternoon Break
3:00Landscape-scale Distribution Modeling for Eastern Box Turtles in Northwest Ohio
Matthew D. Cross, Gregory J. Lipps, Jr., and Karen V. Root
3:20A Spotted Turtle (Clemmys guttata) Headstarting, Augmentation and Repatriation Program for NE Ohio
Paul J. Pira
3:40Developing Priorities for Conservation of Ohio's Reptile Diversity
Gregory Lipps, Jr., Brian Armitage, and Carolyn Caldwell

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